Many Good Reasons to Invest in Singapore Real Estate or Property

Singapore is a city located at the tail bottom of Malaysia directly at the intersection between the trade areas of the East and West. Combined with a population of approximately 5.312 million (2012), it is a strongholder of a AAA economy with the potential for even more economic growth. Already, many investors worldwide are attracted to the life of the city and as a result, have chosen to invest in both the residential and commercial new property launches. If you would like to be among the investors in Singapore property and/or real estate, there are many great reasons to do so and many great opportunities. These include:

– It’s only a few hours flight away from other key cities of Asia

-It is also a strongholder of political and social management

-It has risen from being an economy of reliance on manufacturing and exports to being one that stands on its own relying on their income from everything from their medical services to tourism

-Their population is predicted to grow to approximately between 6.5 to 6.9 million by 2030

-Their government itself has given strong commitments to the arrangements of their business and real estate just for the express purpose of attracting both investors and tourists

-Its culture is multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-lingual, all live in a harmonious co-existence and it is a place in which many foreigners have already made their home and are expected to continue doing so. It carries a general reputation for being a safe city

-Their laws governing foreign ownership are quite well-defined, include safekeeping of property entitlements and foreigners are actually welcome to own condominiums and apartments should they so desire

– Loan substantiality can cover up to 80% of the property’s buying price

-Strong secondary market for stress-free exit of property share

-Low mortgage payback charges

-It has one of the world’s highest saving rates

-Its unemployment rate was recorded at only 1.9% in 2012

-It carries low taxes

Overall, Singapore is reputed to be one of the most welcome and hospitable locations in the world. As things currently stand, Singapore is also probably one of the most prime examples of how we could make the world more liveable and harmonious overall. The motto, “charity begins at home” does not exist for nothing and Singapore is also about as charitable as can be. It is overall, an example of clean and harmonious life.


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